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Thursday, 27 December 2018

‘Samsung Drones’ Latest Patent from Samsung may enter in drone...

‘Samsung Drones’ Latest Patent from Samsung may enter in drone...

A Tech Smart Giant Company Samsung.
Had registered a patent for drones recently.
Drones have become quite the trend since last year and now even India has drafted legislation which will regulate the operation of drones in the country. Electronics giant Samsung has been noticeably absent from the drone market but it seems those days could soon be over.
A recent patent filed by the company with the US Patents and Trademark Office was spotted by Gizmochina and it shows that the company is seriously planning to move against the industry leader DJI. What's more, it appears from the patent that Samsung is perhaps planning to make a  transformable drone which is something that no drone-maker has done so far.

Samsung's drone patent. Gizmochina
"An aspect of the present disclosure provides a transformable drone in which an arm for fixing a propeller can be folded and unfolded against the main body (or an airframe) which may provide a transformable unmanned aerial vehicle which combines portability and flight performance through a transformable main body (or an airframe)." said the patent.
The report by Gizmochina indicates that Samsung will be looking to integrate the drone software with its Galaxy lineup of smartphones. The drone will have gyros, a barometer, compass, ultrasonic, temperature, light and ultraviolet sensors.
This latest patent from Samsung is the company’s fifth drone-related patent in this year alone. Will this drone from Samsung ever make its way to India? Only time will tell.

The company plans to add joystick-like controls that can control the drone. For context, the company has been filing drone-related patents since 2016 and this patent was the fifth drone-related patent in 2018.

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