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Friday, 29 June 2018

Latest, Important, Big Feature rollout by WhatsApp .

Latest, Important, Big Feature rollout by WhatsApp .

The most popular messaging app WhatsApp has being looking to stop scam messages on the WhatsApp.
So, WhatsApp has rollout the Latest, Important, Big Feature for the users, admins.
The WhatsApp on Android version 2.18.201 and on is 2.18.70 this updates will give you the latest feature of WhatsApp that is “Send Messages “
From the report from WA Beta Info, the new version is available for Android, ios and Windows phone users. This update is for WhatsApp Group. But this feature is under Beta version and now available for Beta users.

Now we will see what’s in Latest Feature of WhatsApp ‘Send Messages’?

We all know that the admin of group in WhatsApp has the power to ‘ADD’,’Remove’, and to ‘Send Invite Link’ to participants.
But Now the Admin has the power to disable the chat feature in the group. That is, if ‘Only Admins’ is selected for Send Messages  option , then No participants in the group other than Admin can Send messages, Videos, Audio clips, etc.

So, let’s see how the ‘Send Messages’ feature work?

Step 1: - Very basic, yet very important step OPEN the WhatsApp app.
Step 2: - Open the WhatsApp group ->> Group Settings of group.
Step 3: - Select Send Messages Options and change as you want. (Note: - You can Now, change this permission without limitations.)

So, Friends you all can use this latest feature ‘Send Messages’ for various purposes or for various conditions.
For example :- If you are the group administrator in WhatsApp and you want to do the very important Announcement or you want to send very important message in the group without any other message interruption so you can simply turn on this latest feature of send messages to ‘Only Admins’ . Then you can do or send the important Announcement or message without interruption. After the Announcement you can change the Send Messages to all participants.
If at night, you are sleeping (with sweet dreams) and you want to stop messages at night and want clean group at morning you can use this feature or if you have shared group invite link and want to check the participants who enters the group you can use the feature when you are offline the participants can enter or join the group but they couldn’t send messages until you change the send message settings.
I think this latest feature is nice to stop spam messages on the group. And you should give a try to it when it’s available on playstore. Please comment how the feature is important to you or it’s not important.
Thanks for reading, share this post to your friends to give them information about latest feature of WhatsApp

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